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7 Essential Steps in College Application Process: An Infographic

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A Complete Guide to the College Application Process.

Find answers to the common questions prospective college students have about deadlines, essays, and more.

If you are a high school student dreaming of top Ivy League colleges, such as Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Stanford, you might be having plenty of questions regarding the college applications process! In fact, we are regularly asked these questions by students, parents, & even counselors - "What is the College Application Process" or "What Are the Most Important Parts of the College Application?"

The College Application process seems intimidating to many, especially, if they're doing it for the first child, and/or have no one in the family to guide them through the process. So, worry not.

We have tried to create an infographic for you about the process - as we believe that once you can see it visually, the number of tasks and a schedule to do them, it will definitely simplify a lot of things for you all.

7 Steps Strategy to ace your College Applications

1. Candidate Assessment: Realize early. We advise you early into the service on steps to enhance your profile - If you need to retake SAT, or enroll in online computer courses, or get involved with community service organizations.

2. University Fit: We advise, shortlist and find an ideal university list for you based on your SAT/ ACT scores, academic grades, and career goals and help strengthen your profile to fit you well into the universities of your choice.

3. Story Building and Brainstorming: We’ll help you identify bold and beautiful/unique aspects from your profile to make your essays stand out from the other applicants while making strong undergrad applications, thereby enhancing your chances of getting in.

4. Personal Essays and Editing: There’s a perfect way to tell each story. We help you find yours! Our strategically crafted essays and personal statements best address your unique backgrounds, interests, & will focus on how you will contribute to the colleges you apply to. Our Essay Editors will analyze & discuss winning strategies with you so that each essay adds value to your application.

5. Recommendation Letters: It’s important to have strong recommendations from school counselors and teachers. Reiterating your achievements both in and outside classes make for good recommendation letters. 

6. Scholarship Support: Why pay when you can win scholarships worth thousands of dollars and euros? At GuideMe, all our top admissions consultants are scholarship holders and that’s what we’ll strive for you too and ease your financial commitment to pay tuition!

7. Interview Preparation: Realistic mock interviews to prep you for the last step of the applications. Some schools will arrange for online or alumni interviews. Leverage our experience, collect interview prep tips and take live mock interviews with personalized one-on-one feedback.

If you're planning to take the GMAT Online Exam: we've written an in-depth article giving complete details about the At-Home GMAT Exam.

3 Bonus but also Important Steps involved in the College Applications Process

1. Resume Editing: We critique and make your CV crisp, well-developed, and to the point bolstering your overall chances for success. Leverage our experience, collect interview prep tips, and take live mock interviews followed by personalized one-on-one feedback.

2. Online Application Support: We provide complete Documentation & Online Application Support. Universities have a long list of documents to be submitted online or by post. We help you put your files and applications together.

3. Waitlist Strategy: Good News! You’re still in the game. We advise you on a waitlist strategy and help edit any correspondence from you if needed. Our team will work carefully on your strengths and weaknesses to improve your odds.

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Most applicants blend in the crowd. We make you stand out. If you are looking for the best guidance on How to Ace the College Applications, Contact us NOW!

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