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Admissions to UK and Irish Medical schools are highly competitive with limited seats for international students and low admission rates. At GuideMe, we assist students with the entire medical application process: shortlisting medical universities, editing personal statements, and preparing them for the medicine interviews. 


We will help you prepare your strongest application, assess your academic background, and ensure you are qualified to apply. We then help you shortlist suitable medical schools for you to apply to, before editing your personal statement and ensuring you have taken the relevant tests, such as the UCAT or BMAT.

Why GuideMe?

 Who we are is as Important as what we do! 

An elite and dedicated team of dreamers and doers from the world’s top universities. We have been there and we know what it takes to get into a top school.

Years of Experience and Vast Network 

Our consultants work closely one-on-one with clients to make a compelling story that stands out. You dream and we make it happen!

Unlimited Resources, Unlimited Answers

We are as passionate as you are to get you into a medical school. We have worked with hundreds of clients aiming to become doctors from all curriculums - IB, A-Levels, American, Canadian, ICSE, CBSE, French, etc.

How do Medicine Applications Work?

Your one-stop solution to interviews and acceptances

Selecting the Medical Schools

Students can apply to only 4 UK Medical Schools through UCAS. Hence the choice of schools is very important based on UCAT and academic scores, international seats available, location, and tuition fee. For example, if you do not prefer Problem Based learning (PBL), you shouldn’t be applying to the University of Glasgow. 

Personal Statements and Motivation

There’s a perfect way to tell each story and we help you write yours. The Adcom wants you to focus on what your motivation to want to pursue medicine is. This allows the University Admissions team for the UK and Ireland to look at you beyond your academic scores and understand your aspirations and profile better. Our Medicine consultants analyze and discuss winning strategies with you so that each essay adds value to your application! 

Work Experience

Our strategically crafted personal statements and essays will help you present well your work experience with GPs and doctors at local hospitals and clinics. The University Admissions committees find this information extremely valuable and this gives students a platform to show their commitment to the profession and also gives you a sneak peek into the life of a doctor. Universities often look for a broad range of healthcare experience.

Recommendation Letters  &   Predicted Grades

It’s important to have strong recommendations from work and clients. Reiterating your achievements and project highlights in the recommendation letters is a good tip! Your predicted grades are crucial to the application process as universities often give conditional offers based on them. So having strong academic scores makes an application strong. 

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Preparation 

Interviews are an integral part of the application where a student, if selected, has to attend 8-10 stations at each shortlisted university in the UK and for Ireland personal interviews are required. 

We conduct realistic mock interviews to prepare you for the last step of the applications for college admissions. Leverage our experience, collect interview prep tips and take live mock interviews followed by personalized one-on-one feedback

Ireland & UK Medicine Admissions Packages

We also help with medicine applications for Australia, Europe & Malaysia

  • Candidate Assessment

  • Shortlisting Universities 

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Personal Statement & Essay Editing

  • Letter of Recommendations 

  • MMI Interview Preparation


UK Medicine Application Package

  • Candidate Assessment

  • Shortlisting Universities 

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Personal Statement & Essay Editing

  • Letter of Recommendations 

  • Ireland Interview Preparation


Ireland Medicine Application Package

  • Candidate Assessment

  • Shortlisting Universities 

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Personal Statement & Essay Editing

  • Letter of Recommendations 

  • MMI & Ireland Interview Preparation


UK & Ireland Medicine Application Package

Study Medicine in the UK

Students can apply to up to 4 Medical schools in the UK.

The Application deadlines to study Medicine in the UK is 15th October every year.

Students are required to use the UCAS application portal (UCAS Portal) to apply for a medicine degree program. 

UK Admissions Requirements

High Academic Scores

UK Medical schools are strict on academic admission requirements and their usual entry criterion are 36-39 in IB, AAA in A-levels, 14-16 in French Curriculum, 85% in Indian CBSE, ICSE

UCAT / BMAT Scores

Based on your choice of medical schools, students pick between UCAT and BMAT to apply. Some medical universities use these scores as a key criterion to shortlist candidates for the MMIs while some universities focus on sectional scores


Non-Native English speakers are required to take the IELTS Exam with a minimum score of 7.5 overall and 7.0 in each section

Work Experience

It is a prerequisite to shadow under a doctor in a hospital or clinic or volunteer at home cares. The Admissions teams want to know if you have had hands-on experience of medicine and understand the profession completely.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

After applying through UCAS, medical schools start shortlisting and inviting students for the next part of the medicine college admissions where they test the aptitude for medicine in students based on various skills such as empathy, communication, and problem-solving. 

At GuideMe’s Medicine Admissions Cell, we cover the commonly asked multi-station interview questions for each medical school.

Study Medicine in Ireland

The Top Ireland Medical Universities in Ireland are:

Students can apply to multiple schools through just a common application or apply individually based on their nationality and current location.


Our Admissions Experts will help you identify the application route based on your profile. 


Irish Medical School Application deadlines: 1st February 2021

Station 1

Personal Motivation

To determine if Medicine is the right Profession for you

Station 2

NHS Hot Topics

Questions based on recent healthcare advancements and NHS Structure

Station 3


Testing your Verbal Skills and Empathy

Station 4

Medical Ethics

Scenarios based on real-life situations based on GMC guidelines and pillars of ethics 

Common MMI Stations at Medical Interviews

Station 5


Simple calculations relating to a clinical scenario

Station 6

Team-Work Skills

Testing students ability to work in groups

Station 7

Data Interpretation

Assesses your ability to analyse data based on graphs

Station 8

Role-play Stations

Interacting with actors acting as patients or a friend

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Study Medicine in the UAE & Europe  (outside the UK)

Thousands of students every year apply for medical programs worldwide. Our Medicine Expert Consultants have a list of non-UK Medical schools for high school students, in the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria & Georgia, 

Admissions FAQs   - Frequently Asked Questions About the Application Process!

Q: When should I start my medicine admissions process?

A: As soon as you can. The entire UK Medicine undergrad application process can be daunting.  One of the selection criteria is a strong personal statement along with a high UCAT Score. It's good to spend more time on your application essay and profile building as the acceptance rates are very low. We provide the best medicine application assistance in the UAE. 

Q: I’m based in Abu Dhabi. Can I still take your services?

A: Yes, we do provide university admission services to students in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & other Emirates. For you, most of the services can be provided over the phone and emails.

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