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Study Medicine in UAE and Europe

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Thousands of students every year apply for medical programs worldwide. Some of the most popular destinations to study medicine are the UK, Europe, and UAE.

Updated as of 2021.

The competition to get into medical schools is very fierce and it is becoming difficult year by year. Students with non-EU passports especially find it extremely hard to get a place in medical schools in the UK and Europe. The number of applications in the UK for medical school outnumbers the seats available. Applicants are also required to sit for UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) as part of the application process. Thousands of students also consider Europe as a study destination for medicine and dentistry programs.

UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) formerly known as UKCAT is needed for medical and dental schools in the UK.

GuideMe provides the Best UCAT Training in the Middle East with outstanding results - and students getting admissions in the Best UK universities.

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Graduates from European medical schools work globally. UK Citizens after graduating from a Medicine program in the European Economic Area can apply for General Medical Council registration in the UK without sitting for the PLAB exam.

GuideMe’s study abroad Education Consultants have a list of non-UK Medical schools for high school students.

Top Medical schools in the UAE

Many students prefer to study in Medical Colleges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. GuideMe helps with medicine prep courses in Dubai. Below are some of the top medical colleges in Dubai:

Top Medical schools in the Czech Republic

There are a few medicine programs in the Czech Republic which offer classes in English. Study Medicine in the Czech Republic in the following:

Top Medical schools in Italy

If you want to study medicine in Italy in English language, here are the options:

Top Medical schools in Bulgaria

The following universities allow for study medicine in Bulgaria:


Georgia has some of the most reputed medical colleges in Europe, offering internationally-accredited degrees recognized across the world. The tuition fees for studying medicine in Georgia is considerably low and affordable with fees starting from $5,000 annually. Students can choose between an accelerated 5-year program or a standard 6-year course.

Some of the top medical colleges in Georgia are:

Other EU Medical Schools:

Some medical universities in Europe and the United Arab Emirates offer scholarships to international medical students.



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