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UCAT Test Centers in the UAE - Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Updated 2022)

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

CAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test), formerly known as UKCAT, is an admissions test conducted by UCAT Consortium every year. UCAT is used by medical and dental schools in the UK to test a student's readiness and mental ability to study medicine and dentistry programs leading to clinical careers in healthcare. Currently, 27 out of the 34 medical schools in the UK use the UCAT/ UKCAT score as part of their admissions process.

Updated as of 2022.

Test Centers in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai & Abu Dhabi for the UCAT are below:

To find out the List of UCAT Test Centers in the GCC - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia - Read our blog here.
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Take a photo tour of a UCAT Center

Take a walk through a Pearson Professional Center. The gallery of photos below introduces you to the physical layout of the testing center as well as the check-in procedures.


UCAT 2022 Test Cycle

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a computer-based admissions test, used by a consortium of UK Universities and non-UK associate member universities to help select applicants for their medical and dental degree programmes.

You are required to sit the UCAT 2022 if you are applying for entry in 2023 (or deferred entry in 2024) to a relevant course at a UK Consortium or non-UK Associate Member University.

The UCAT is delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout the UK and in 130+ countries worldwide.

UCAT 2022 dates are now confirmed by the UCAT Consortium. Find out all the key UCAT 2022 dates here.

Additional Resources With Helpful UCAT related information


New Revised UCAT 2022 Format

This exam consists of five subtests. Preceding each subtest you have 1 minute to read the instructions. In total, you have 120 minutes to complete all five subtests.

Click here to find out all the changes made in the UCAT 2022 Exam.

Key Dates

UCAT strongly advises candidates to test as early as possible. If you choose to book a late test date and then encounter illness or other issues which prevent you from attending your test appointment you may not be able to reschedule within the test period.

  • It is your responsibility to book and sit your test within the test window.

  • Consortium Universities expect international applicants to take the test, which could mean travelling to another country.

  • If travel to a test centre is difficult because of distance, pandemic, war, civil unrest or natural disaster or you are not able to go to a test centre due to a significant medical reason (either COVID-19 related or other circumstances), please refer to OnVUE online proctored testing information before booking your test.

  • Our ‘fit to test’ policy means if a candidate attends their test they are declaring themselves fit to take the test. Further details can be found here.

  • If you are concerned that illness, injury or personal circumstances means you will not be ‘fit to test’ throughout the 2022 test window, you must contact the UCAT Office for advice before sitting your test. If you choose to sit your test against this advice, UCAT will not accept this as a mitigating circumstance.

Attend one of our 1-1 UCAT Courses run by professionals to learn more UCAT test day tips.

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