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GMAT Official Guide 2023 Release Date? Finally, it's coming on June 24th,2023. The New Cover is Out!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Finally, the good news is that the GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 is launching on June 24, 2023, Till last year, it appeared as if there would be no release of the GMAT Official Guide 2023 - 2024 edition, wherein GMAC would be breaking a very long tradition of releasing an Official Guide every year. We were advising our students to buy the GMAT OG 2022 edition instead, but now it seems that the new Official Guide is finally coming, although a year later!

Are you planning to take the GMAT exam and get into your dream business school? If yes, then you must be eagerly waiting for the GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024, the most comprehensive and authentic source of practice questions for the exam. Well, we have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news is that the GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 is finally launching on June 24, 2023, after almost two years since the last edition. This means you will get access to hundreds of new and updated questions from real, past GMAT exams, along with detailed answer explanations and an online question bank. You will also get to enjoy some new features such as digital flashcards and games, diagnostic evaluation, and quick reference sheets.

The bad news is that the launch date has been delayed yet again, after earlier it was confirmed to launch on March 28, 2023. According to, the new release date is June 24, 20231, but there is no guarantee that it will not change again.

So, what should you do if you are preparing for the GMAT exam and want to get your hands on the latest official guide? Should you wait for the new edition or buy the previous one? How will this delay affect your study plan and test strategy? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more. Stay tuned!

Both Amazon US and Amazon UAE are mentioning the same date of 24th June 2023 now (As seen on 13th June, 2023)

GMAC's official website has no mention of it. So, at present - we do not know when would it be released in the rest of Asia.


This is what we had written in October 2022 earlier

"Neither Wiley nor Amazon has a listing up yet for the GMAT2023 version of the Official Guide. Normally, the listing goes up months in advance of when the new OG book will be available, usually between May 15th and June 1st of the previous year. This has been the pattern since 2012 when the 13th edition was released, and the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section was added to the exam.

However, here we are in October 2022 now — yet there is not a single mention of the 2023 OG anywhere to be found, whether on or on the popular bookseller websites such as Amazon and Kinokuniya: no paper version, no digital version, nothing. So it might not be safe to assume that a newer OG will be available in the next couple of months.

The last couple of versions of that book have been remarkably similar though, and the overall practice content was almost identical in the GMAT2021 and GMAT2022, so if you're interested in an e-book version for your studies, then you would be fine with either of those two options."

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Earlier it seemed as if there will be no 2023 Edition of the GMAT Official Guide

So, what exactly is the GMAT Official Guide?

The GMAT Official Guide 2022 is so far the official and in our view the best resource for your GMAT prep.

GMAT Official Guide helps you get familiar with the GMAT exam structure—the Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning sections—and test yourself with the GMAT™ Mini Quiz!

There are various helpful GMAT prep books, but the Official Guide is the only one that features real questions from past GMAT exams and is offered exclusively by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the owner and administrator of the GMAT.

Why it seemed earlier that there will be no 2023 edition of the GMAT OG?

Some experts were conjecturing that the budget cuts were currently in order at GMAC and that the company was now focusing the majority of its time and resources on developing newer questions and/or enhancing security procedures for the GMAT online, instead of publishing a new book every year. Creating fresh questions for the GMAT online necessitated that twice the amount of "live" questions are available for test takers since the question banks for the online and test-center exams are presumably separate.


If you need help in acing the test, join our GMAT experts – who have themselves secured 99 percentiles in both Math & English – and have years of experience with proven GMAT strategies!


Advice for using Official Guide's Older Editions

There is no harm in using old editions. For an average GMAT test-taker, an OG is a collection of 900 fresh questions. Any OG is fresh to them. It is people who have been preparing for a long time or GMAT Test Experts, just like we have some here at GuideMe ;), who wait for the new editions that are somewhat outliers. GRE hardly updates their books, hoping this is not a pattern though as it has been nice getting some fresh questions each year, though you have to admit that those fresh questions were not always new.

Often the new questions in the OG come from very old tests, sometimes surfacing old discussions that were based on paper tests or other sources, so even the new 300 questions are not really new and representative of any kinds of trends of what is being produced for the test.

It seems it would be more logical for them to be the discarded questions that are no longer used - if they have to produce 2 times the questions for online/offline tests (not sure if that is indeed the case since they can mix in different ways), that would be beneficial in a number of years when they start retiring questions and it will be an ample source of GMAT practice questions for all the test-takers.

GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024: GuideMe's Verdict

As mentioned earlier, if you are planning to take your GMAT by March or even April 2023, there is no point waiting for the new edition of the GMAT Official Guide, a 2022 edition would help you just fine. In fact, any Official Guide edition done completely is good enough for your dream GMAT score.

But, in case you are planning to take the GMAT much later this year and haven't begun preparing for the exam just yet - then you can wait for the 2023 release.

Not to forget: It could easily be the case that the 2023 edition like the 2022 edition has NO NEW questions and is basically the previous year's edition with a new cover!


To find out about the GMAT Test Centers in the UAE & Qatar, visit this link for complete details: List of all GMAT Test Centers in the UAE & Qatar


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Amazing event!! geometry dash world


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I was searching on Google for the new official guide and came across this-- thank you for informing! Any idea when it'll be released in Kuwait/GCC?


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