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Now you can Retake the GMAT Online Exam from September 23, 2020

Updated: Feb 22

Some great news for GMAT test-takers. If you have taken the GMAT Online and are not happy with the score, this blog is for you. GMAC announced that they will now allow GMAT test-takers to take the exam 2 times starting 23rd September 2020. Earlier candidates could only attempt the exam once.

Finally, an Option to Retest beginning September 23, 2020

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Option to Retake the GMAT Online Exam is a Happy news for Students
GMAC officials say “ For test takers who took the GMAT Online exam before the ability to use a physical whiteboard (June 11, 2020) was made available, we are offering the option to take the GMAT Online exam an additional time. We are waiving the one-time limit on the GMAT Online exam, so you now have the option to take the GMAT Online exam an additional time.”

The availability of the online exam is till 31st December 2020. So now you can take the GMAT exam from the comfort of your home and take it twice. You still have the physical whiteboard and the online whiteboard.

Another big advantage of Online GMAT is that you can send your scores to an unlimited number of universities for FREE. In the regular GMAT, applicants can only send their scores to 5 universities for free.

GMAT™ Online exam attempts will now be included in the GMAT™ exam rolling 12-month and lifetime limits (exam attempts prior to September 23, 2020, will be excluded from these limits).

With two opportunities to take the GMAT™ Online exam you gain:

  • Flexibility and peace of mind with an online retesting option given the uncertainty of test center availability

  • Time to plan your prep strategy and application submissions

  • Opportunity to improve your score and present a compelling application to your target programs

  • Choice between which score(s) and when you want to report your scores to schools

  • Unlimited score sending to your target programs

So if you are planning to apply for your MBA in Round 1, you can apply using your current online GMAT score and attempt the exam again and send scores to the universities. For example, Harvard’s Round 1 deadline for the MBA Class of 2023 (Fall 2021 Intake) is 8th September 2021 and they will release their results by 10th December 2021. So you can retake the Online GMAT and send your new scores to HBS by November end.

When can I schedule my GMAT Retake?

Starting 23rd September you’ll be allowed 2 attempts on the GMAT Online. The exact date is yet to be announced.

Which score will be recorded?

If you score a higher GMAT Total Score on your retest GMAT Online exam attempt, your score will be available online within 7 business days. You can check your updated score here-

Your old, lower score will be replaced by your new score. Your new score would immediately be sent to all the universities you sent your scores to and you can also send this new score to other universities at no cost.

According to GMAC: “Although your higher score will be sent automatically to your schools (previously selected for your prior GMAT Online Exam score), we recommend you follow up directly with your schools. Notify your schools that you have an additional higher GMAT Online score to ensure that this score is factored into your application.”

What if I score lower in the GMAT retake?

If you score an equal or lower GMAT Total Score on your retest attempt, the higher score from your prior exam will be retained. Your lower, retest attempt score will not be displayed in your account and there will be no record of your low score. Neither you nor any programs you previously selected will receive this lower score. We will notify you that your prior score is being retained. No additional action will be required on your or the school’s part.

If you choose to take the GMAT Online Exam again, neither attempt will count toward your yearly or lifetime exam attempt limits.

Get Going.

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